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Since 1988, Endless Pools has installed tens of thousands of pools in over 100 countries.

The inspiration for the Endless Pool came more than a half-century ago in Arizona, when my father swam in place in the irrigation canals that brought precious Colorado river water south to Phoenix. He and I talked for years about building a machine to swim at home–a machine that would simulate open-water swimming in a small space. Somehow other ideas, other machines filled our time.

I built the first Endless Pool on the pool deck at Columbia University in the summer of 1988. There was so much we didn't know at the time. The refinements in design that would allow us to ship our system all over the world came later.

What I remember most with that first prototype was the wonder and amazement of swimmers who realised that you really can swim in place.

The benefits for coaches and swimmers were able to gain were clear even then. The therapeutic benefits of the pool were also obvious. My first customer explained to me the benefits of water-based exercises for people with MS. His neighbour purchased our 4th pool for her rheumatoid arthritis.

In 1993, we sold our first pool in the UK near Oxford. Today we have over 1,300 customers located across the country from Jersey to the Shetland Islands. We also have a network of premier pool builders and dealers who can help you plan, fit and service your Endless Pool.

The Endless Pool is a totally customizable personal pool that can be easily and affordably installed in your backyard, garage, sunroom or any other existing ground-floor space in your home. I installed one in my basement, and it's so convenient, both my wife and I swim daily.

Exercise is crucial to long-term good health, quality of life and overall well-being. At Endless Pools, we believe that when exercise is a pleasure, fitness is easy. So take the next step to living better and living longer. Review the information on this website, and watch our Introductory Videos. Then, give us a ring on Freephone 0800 086 9266. Our team of designers, architects and dealers are ready to help you plan the perfect Endless Pool to suit your needs, living space and budget.

We look forward to serving your swimming and fitness needs.

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