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Realising the exercise, therapeutic and environmental advantages of the Endless Pool, many prestigious newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad including The Times, the Financial Times, the New York Times, House & Garden, and 220 Triathlon have featured us on their pages. TV shows including the Gadget Show, Room for Improvement and the Fit Farm have shown millions of viewers how our pools can enhance their home and well being. We also received fame on the big screen, when Ethan Hawk took a swim in an Original Endless Pool during the film Gattaca.

To read what these publications had to say click on the links below:

Testing the water. Not sure about your front crawl? Then simply have it videoed for later analysis in the latest way to gauge your swimming performance, Times Online.
An indoor swimming pool in East London. I have been performing front crawl for two minutes yet travelled nowhere. I am no Michael Phelps yet this is unusual: my ungainly stroke usually propels me at least some distance forward.

Jenson Button vs. Alistair & Jonny Brownlee, The Telegraph.
At GlaxoSmithKline’s Human Performance Lab, the Formula One driver takes on the Olympic triathletes in a series of head-to-head tests, including one in the Endless Pool Elite®. To improve real-world performance, the Lab can simulate the conditions of Button’s upcoming Singapore Grand Prix or the 2016 Rio Olympics for the Brownlees. But who will come out on top?

Swimming on the spot, The Financial Times.
The first thing I see when I plunge my head underwater is my own slightly startled reflection. I begin swimming, gingerly at first, but as the current reaches its full strength I stretch out my stroke, confident at least that I won't end up swimming into the wall.

Tools of the Trade, Swimming Times.
An Endless Pool at home may be a luxury too far for many families but as an optional extra at a holiday destination, it offers the dedicated swimmer a chance to stay fit and improve technique, says Claire Freeman.

There's a Mad Fish at the bottom of the garden, The Independent.
Adrian Chiles writes in the Independent: Have you ever tried swimming butterfly? I can swim breast-stroke for several miles in open water and I can crawl reasonably well.

Fastlane Pool review by Dan Bullock featured in 220 Magazine, 220 Triathlon.
I was excited to be working with Endless Pools at the London Triathlon again. I was especially keen to try their new Fastlane Pool. Having helped install quite a few of the traditional pools, either at our various premises or the Sandown show, I conveniently arrived 2 hours late expecting to have missed most of the hard work lugging panels around.

Swimming Miles Without Moving an Inch, The New York Times.
Barbara Stevens swims 40 minutes every day in a flume, a pool no bigger than a sport utility vehicle that functions as a kind of aquatic treadmill. A lifelong swimmer with artificial hip and knee joints, Mrs. Stevens, 67, bought her flume in 1992 and installed the 7-by-15 foot pool in the side garden of her home in San Francisco.

Stationary Pools: Going Nowhere Fast, The Washington Post.
Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, crawl. Cathy Raggio's 30-minute, early-morning pool routine burns calories galore and provides a galvanizing workout for the arms, legs, heart and lungs. In terms of distance swum, though, hers is a static routine: zero laps, zero miles.

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