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Over the last 10 years we have displayed Endless Pools at select triathlons and Ironman races across the country and abroad. Thousands of racers, spectators and their families have taken a test swim and discovered the best swimming machine available anywhere — no other pool comes close.

During the Olympic games Endless Pools had an unique opportunity to display pools at various "Live Sites" around the UK. In conjunction with the International Triathlon Union and the British Triathlon Federation, we installed 8 Endless Pools in cites across the UK during the Olympic triathlon races held in London. Local triathletes were invited to have teams of 3 compete in a mock triathlon where one member swam while the others biked and ran. Bystanders were able to get an introduction into what triathlons are all about and were encouraged to participate in the sport. You can get a feel for the events by watching this video.

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