Bring your swim
coaching practise home.

Make faster progress with real-time technique feedback … and with a faster commute.

Bring your swimmers closer.

Usually you meet them at a public pool. Then you chase them as they swim away from you. Endless Pools can bring them within arm's reach with our smooth, fully adjustable current for swimming in place. With flexible installation options for indoors and out, swimmers can also be as close as your backyard or spare room.

The fits-almost-anywhere pool.

Imagine coaching swimmers at home, with no commute, in your warm-water basement pool in winter. Or set up shop in your garage for your own all-weather natatorium, just a few steps from the conveniences of home. Your options are wide-open thanks to the on-site assembly offered by the Endless Pools Original Series. You can offer hands-on coaching with faster results and a personal touch.

Superior training that's unique to the Endless Pools environment.

Our pools offer invaluable coaching opportunities that cannot be replicated in traditional pools or in the open water. With Endless Pools coaching, progress happens in real time, with immediately measurable results. Swimmers find that they can swim faster and with more precision. They'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with Endless Pools … and so will you.

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