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Customer Testimonials

Here are some comments about us from just a few of our satisfied customers.

Convenience and Privacy

"You can swim whenever you want without worrying about the pool being closed for the holidays or repairs or their schedule for lap swimming not matching yours. You also don't have to worry about children or careless adults smashing into you and you don't have to deal with crowded locker rooms. No need to drive in traffic nor to lug all your swimwear back and forth. You can swim for as long as you want." ~ Joan B., Napa, CA

"The convenience of having the ability to swim at home cannot be over-emphasized. I have swum as early as 4:30 am and as late as 1:00 in the morning - nearly around the clock." ~ Peter C., Palmyra, VA

"The convenience of having a pool within our home that we can use at any time is inestimable."
~ Susannah R., Colorado Springs, CO

"Don't have to drive to the Y (especially nasty on icy mornings in the winter) and fight for space in the lane at six in the morning. My husband does pilates and water walking for back and leg problems for about an hour total. He is also planning to learn to swim better. I swim for half an hour for exercise and then do aerobic exercises in the current for another half hour. More fun than exercises in still water." ~ Pat M., Fonthill, ON

"We live out in the country and it's quite a drive to the city pool or a health club. It's wonderful having an exercise pool in your own home! Between my wife and I, we use the pool probably 8-10 times per week for water workouts…both swimming and water aerobics. We also just sit in it to cool off or relax! My wife, Shelley, recently had foot surgery and without the Endless Pool, she would be unable to do any aerobic exercise. With regards to me, I've probably lost seven or eight pounds since we've gotten the pool." ~ Richard D, Hereford, AZ

"I had been swimming regularly at a public pool and found it crowded and chemically distasteful. Since using the Endless Pool I have; lost weight, increased strength in my extremities and increased my feeling of well being."
~ Dr. James K, Annapolis, MD

"I have an arthritis condition and the Endless Pool keeps me free of any medications...swimming is my medication! I also love the convenience of getting my laps/routine whenever it fits my schedule."
~ Maryann M., Fort Walton Beach, FL

"The Endless Pool is helping me achieve personal fitness and healthy lifestyle goals." ~ Michael W. Lancaster, PA

"I have osteoarthritis and am finally able to exercise without much pain!! We love our pool!"
~ Barry T., Romeo, MI

"We save driving over 5000 miles a year to a fitness center that we used only 3 times a week, save 150 hours of driving time, and our pool doesn't shut down for maintenance." ~ Dick B., Chester, Vermont

"I have been able to swim twice as often in half the time it was talking for a trip to the YMCA pool. I am in better shape physically and mentally. A constant 30 minutes swim is a perfect workout for someone who is always busy. I do not miss having to juggle my schedule and family around to accommodate swimming at a cold and sometimes noisy pool. Neither do I miss the chlorine smell or turning at the end of a lap. You really have me spoiled!" ~ Susan B., Jonesboro, Arkansas


Health Benefits of Swimming

"I am a medical doctor. You should emphasize the special health benefits of swimming in an Endless Pool: swimming uses the largest number of muscles than any other exercise, the force of the current can be set at any steady level, and swimming causes no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones. The Endless Pool's ability to provide a consistent workout cannot be overemphasized." ~ Doug F., Baltimore, MD

"It is a great way to relax. Get in the current and let it work its way down from your neck to your toes. I had both knees replaced so the Endless Pool is an important part of therapy for me." ~ Teresa S., Dover, AR

"I have had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for the past 10 years. The Endless Pool has been a large part of my physical therapy and one of the few forms of exercise I can tolerate."
~ Jocelyn K., Athens, Georgia

"I had a stroke and couldn't use the right side of my body. I was advised that water therapy would be the best therapy for my continued rehabilitation. My therapist worked out several exercises that I could do in the pool. I have progressed far enough that I'm playing golf. My increased energy level is because of the pool exercises."
~ Gary W., Onekama, MI

"In the last several months by changing my diet and working out in the pool, I have normalized my (blood) pressure and cholesterol situation. Also, my wife does aerobics 2 to 3 times a week and keeps in pretty good shape with this regimen." ~ Gerard P., Tuscon, AZ

"Seven years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and began swimming therapy at the recommendation of my doctor. After several years of early morning commutes to fight the lap lanes at our local health club, we decided to install an Endless Pool. My health and general fitness improved greatly and swimming became a vital part of my daily routine." ~ Meredith F., Cordova, TN

"I have always wanted an Endless Pool! Also, I have rheumatoid arthritis and knee problems and had been unable to use my Nordic Track and LifeCycle for over a year." ~ Julia H., Denver, CO

"The Endless Pool has helped control my health issues: weight, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Plus I have bursitis and onset arthritis and it helps relieve 'achiness' and just generally makes me feel refreshed. I swim first thing every morning before work & my wife swims almost daily as well."
~ John H., Seven Valleys, PA

"I have lost fifteen pounds, without additional weight loss efforts. I have more energy and am in better shape. It is also a great stress reliever and my joints are not as bothered by arthritis. My six year old son uses it regularly too. People are amazed at how we were able to incorporate a pool into our house design. Endless Pool has a great design and many people to help you at each stage of your plans." ~ Nancy K., Snohomish, WA

"We are very excited that we can swim all winter. The Endless Pool fit our needs to swim all year and fit into a structure that we could afford. We plan on using the pool for therapeutic use as we are craniosacral therapists and this work can be done in the water." ~ Charles G., Shutesbury, MA

"I am a babyswim instructor, watsu therapist and ex-competitive swimmer and use the pool for both social and commercial reasons. Everyday I work from it for at least 3 hours and I try to swim myself for about 20 minutes. I also have a back condition called Scheuermann's diseaseå, which I think it helps soothe."
~ Beverley B. North Mymms, Hertfordshire

"I am in a wheelchair and needed a way to exercise routinely. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise but I found it very difficult to get in and out of most pools. My Endless Pool allows me to get in and out fairly easily and I now have no more excuses [not to exercise]!" ~ Christie C., Little Elm, TX

"The water greatly reduces the pain of standing and walking, but also even "walking in place" against the current is excellent exercise. I am gaining strength and endurance. Also I believe I am getting cardio exercise in the pool that I never could have with regular walking because with my arthritis I can only walk at a slow pace. A secondary value is relaxing with the water jets." ~ Bill G., Huntington Beach, CA

"I absolutely love my Endless Pool - it has literally saved my life. I am disabled by a spinal condition and aquatic therapy is my only option for exercise. I feel so much better after only a few months. I feel Endless Pool is the perfect solution for a pool, especially here in Florida. It provides more than adequate opportunity for serious exercise and can still be enjoyed like a regular pool for recreation. It is small enough to keep heated (well, most of the year) and still big enough for serious play- the moving water provides a whole new dimension in water play and therapy."
~ Deborah B., Palm Bay, FL

"Stretching and swimming in our pool has been excellent therapy for my arthritic joints and weakened muscles caused by Systematic Lupus. I swim at least 3 x a week. When I first began last Dec 03 I was able to swim five min straight. I now swim 20 min at a moderately slow pace. When my neck feels stressed I use my snorkel and mask. The pool temp is set at 89 degrees. I spend about an hour in the pool altogether swimming exercising and in the jets. John and I feel like we're on vacation every time we are in the pool or pool room. Our fun in our pool is endless. We used the information provided by Endless Pools regarding obtaining physicians letters for income tax purposes. We were able to save a substantial amount on our federal taxes." ~ John M., Lancaster, NY

"The pool has changed my life!! I feel like a new person!!!" ~ Patricia B., Hanover, PA

"I immediately started losing weight and firming up." ~ Beverly L., McCoy, Co

"I have quickly become addicted to a rigorous program of aquatic exercise and swimming. I have lost weight, gained flexibility, improved my golf game and most of all [I] enjoy it." ~ Patricia S., Jarreau, Louisiana

"I [have] lost 21 pounds since [the pool was installed], strong leg muscles, overall more energy."
~ Janice N., Kahului, Hawaii

"We have 2 deeper sections - one for each of us - so the water depth is correct for aerobic exercises."
~ Dale T., Webster, Minnesota

"We have a double depth pool and the upgraded enhanced swim current propulsion unit which allows both my wife and I to do different workouts at the same time and at increased levels of difficulty."

"I am still healthy and alive and have been able to return to my profession as a dancing teacher giving classes and private lessons at the age of 77." ~ Ralph A., UK

"My MS doctor at the Mellon Center (Cleveland) has told me I have regained a lot of my strength. I can now walk greater distances than before the pool [was installed]. My overall pain has decreased. On a 1-10 scale with 10 being the worst, my level was a 9 and now with a pool a 4." ~ Kathy G., Columbiana, Ohio

"My husband has lost 40 lbs." ~ Beverly Y., Dallas, Texas

"My family has a history of arthritis and as I get older, my joints ache. I love water therapy to keep my joints moving and healthy. Also, I am able to swim in-place using different current strengths. This has enhanced my endurance and overall physical fitness." ~ Nancy B., Storrs, Connecticut

"I feel I've gained strength and I've been able to decrease my pain medication." ~ Judith B., Miamisburg, Ohio

"I have toned my body and Jay has used it for physical therapy of his shoulder rotator cuff injury. The exercise benefits keep my diabetes type 2 under control." ~ Wendy B., Montville, New Jersey

"When I am in my Endless Pool, I can walk, I can run, I can cross country ski, I can dance! I feel like I don't have M.S.!" ~ Mary L., Elkton, Maryland

"The Endless Pool has cleared up all my back problems and makes me feel so well. In addition, unlike so much exercise, I enjoy it." ~ Charles H., Summit, New Jersey

"I have survived traumatic injuries from auto accidents and swimming is the best exercise for me. I intend to live to be 100. My Endless pool is my exercise, my relaxation, my emotional battery charger!"
~ Barbara T., Chiloquin, OR


Swimming and Exercise

"It provides an outstanding aerobic workout in less than half the time we would spend in still water. It has allowed us as swim coaches to observe swimmers' stroke characteristics up close and to see the effects of fatigue on stroke mechanics." ~ Larry L., Chazy, NY

"Swimming is an excellent exercise, and now I can swim every day because it's so convenient and private. I can swim when I want and how long I want. I'm able to have it at a temperature that is comfortable to me. The small size of an Endless Pool enabled me to install a pool where I could not install a regular size one."

"As an aging baby boomer nutrition professional, I have yearned for consistent exercise that doesn't stress joints and will enable me to attain physical fitness, cardiovascular health and weight control. I can eat what I want and still firm up and lose weight." ~ John C., Columbus, OH

"Endless Pools make for long swims in small places. The 8'x15' Endless Pool is less than regulation size, but offers the same benefits as a very large pool." ~ Noah H., Connecticut Post

"The Endless Pool is a great strength builder. I am amazed at the strength of the current I now swim against. I did not buy it for that reason, but because of my arthritis, so the strength gain is a wonderful surprise."
~ Sara L., Kerhonkson, NY

"I'm just out of my water well after 90 blissful minutes of exercise and singing along with my favorite iTunes music. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy the pool. For the first time in my life, and I've lived 54 years, I'm totally enjoying my exercise work outs. I'm stronger, healthier and my aches and pains have all disappeared."
~ Betty N., Harris, MN

"The adjustable current is marvelous... very natural current, and a pleasure to use. I compared Endless Pools to another brand before purchasing, and Endless Pools is far superior! ~ Frank T., Wheeling, WV

"I am healthier, stronger and have a better outlook on life. I look forward to my exercise time in the pool. I spend so much time in the pool my husband has to come and get me out. I love it!!!!! I do not consider it a swimming pool, I consider it a therapy pool. It improves my body, mind and yes even my soul, I thank God every time I swim because it is a dream come true, for me." ~ Darlene P., Riverton WY

"My muscles are getting toned ... and perhaps gaining some mass. A benefit I hadn't thought of when I considered getting the pool was learning to swim better. The underwater mirror allows me to watch my form and make changes to my swim technique. The pool current gives me immediate feedback on how the change affects my speed. It's physically hard to relearn how to swim ... but I'll be better for it." ~ Paul D., Chelsea, MI

"Being a 74 year old scuba diver, I am assured of being able to make it "back to the boat" on my own [thanks to his Endless Pool]." ~ Mark R., Sea Ranch, CA

"I love my Endless Pool and use it 5-6/7 days/week. Swimming has greatly improved my chronic back pain problems. The pool has lived up to every expectation. I've wanted one since I first saw the ad back in 1988."
~ Joyce S., Trout Lake, WA

"I have been swimming since the middle of April and can tell a difference in my stamina and the number of strokes I am able to do at one time." ~ Danielle M., Jefferson City, Missouri

"Great exercise without the joint pain, sweat and fatigue of jogging. It has helped me in my recent loss of 50 pounds." ~ Robert K., Honolulu, Hawaii

"I am a much better swimmer than when I started. 30 minutes in the pool makes you feel wonderful. It is a great way to reduce stress and is a great addition to an exercise program." ~ James I., Ferriday, Louisiana

"After 30 minutes in your wonderful invention, I am totally energized for the rest of the day."
~ Jan S., Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"If you want to stay in shape there is nothing better than an Endless Pool." ~ Debbie S., Sumner, Iowa

"I set two more world records in my age group breaking the 50m breast record in May and the 200 breast in July. The Endless Pool is a help in my training." ~ Bonnie P., Heriot Bay, British Colombia

"My Endless Pool is paying great dividends in time shaved off my swim time at races all over the world!!! I qualified to race in the Ironman World Championships in Kona." ~ Eddie H., Castle Rock, Colorado

"I have had the opportunity to teach swimming in both a traditional pool and an Endless Pool. In my opinion, without a doubt the best place to learn how to swim is in an Endless Pool. The warm, intimate environment along with the continuous feedback from hands on instruction, mirrors and video feedback accelerate the learning process far beyond what can be achieved in a traditional setting in the same amount of time. The instructor can see so much more in an Endless Pool. It is the ideal environment for my teaching style because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and I can see every little flaw in a students stroke" ~ Mike T., New Paltz, NY


Relaxation & Family Togetherness

"The Endless Pool has helped 'uncomplicate' our lives. As a working wife and mother of two teenagers, not many things do this. It lets us exercise, stay fit, relax, have family time to visit and communicate, keeping us at home together. The Endless Pool was an investment in our home and in our physical and mental health." ~ Jason K., Raleigh, NC

"The Endless Pool was the best thing we have bought, our whole family uses it and I benefit from using it everyday. I love it and feel great after every swim." ~ Susan W., Rochester, NY

"Our Endless Pool has made the family much more active - I Love it!" ~ Mike M., Forest Row, UK

"Overall we are very pleased with the whole procedure, we have been using it everyday ( even in the English weather) and my children love it." ~ Laura I., Charlotte C., UK

"I have nothing but praise to say about Endless Pools. You were there when I needed your help. My family and I are enjoying our new pool. Thank you very much." ~ Robert G, Canann, CT

"My friends like me more now!" ~ Hal K., Alberta,

"I have two young children and a busy medical practice. My pool allows me to slip in and swim whenever I can find a spare moment. No travel time is involved and it is always open. Swimming is important for my physical well being as well as my sanity." ~ Rachel H., Elizabethton, Tennessee

"This afternoon I was in my pool with a water temperature of 84 degrees under the palms and kukui nut tree."

"I enjoy better health and increased family time. My 5 yr old grandson calls frequently to say " Grandma, Grandma, I really need a swimming lesson." It is great!" ~ Mary Jo H., Baxter, Minnesota

"First of all, I love it. I am exercising more. Also the pool is great for mental relaxation. If I am angry or frustrated I can swim until I have mentally worked out any problem. I always feel so much better after swimming - both physically and mentally." ~ Steve B., Elk, Washington

"My wife has lost the weight she wanted to. The kids have fun when their friends are around, and I get a peaceful chill out time." ~ Ray C., UK

"I am in better shape, my wife and kids have lost weight. And I have become a faster bike rider and runner since swimming every day." ~ Chris L, Stevens Point, Wisconsin


No Turns

"It was not until I started using the Endless Pool that I discovered that what I disliked about regular pools was all those turns. Now I can swim all day without turning and never move an inch." ~ Becca K., Davis, CA

"Grandkids can learn to swim in comfort. I never was able to do a flip turn - now I do not have to."
~ Jeff L., Kalema, WA



"Considering the average price of a car these days, and the fact that you can't improve your health or fitness by using an automobile, that price doesn't seem bad! And just think, at last you won't have to worry about your pool starting on cold winter mornings! Be unique!" ~ Eric B., Dearborn, MI

"My Endless Pool is an effective pool for exercise, swimming and play whilst being as environmentally sound as possible." ~ Ken R., Pulborough, W Sussex

"We love our pool, it was the best investment for health and wellness we could have made."
~ Lewis K., Washington, PA

"One of the best investments I've ever made." ~ Pat J., Atlanta, GA


Ease of Installation and Maintenance

"Owning the Endless Pool is such a pleasure to us. We are proud of it and the room we built for it. The ease of maintenance and the convenience, privacy and health benefits do not show up in the pictures we are sending!"
~ Nichole M., Austin, TX

"Easy installation and only 10 minutes maintenance per week." ~ Kevin T., Anchorage, AK

"It was the very best option for the space I have available, the size of my family, and my age. It's just what I wanted. Easy to care for and fits perfectly in my small yard." ~ Carol C., Lake Havasu City, AZ

"I installed the Endless Pool in my basement room. I originally wanted to put it outside or in a screen room which could be winterized, but I realize now that, for most of the year, it will be dark outside most times I swim and so the basement is perfect. I walk in the pool or do aqua aerobics while watching the news on TV or listening to music! I have arthritis and love to set the temp a few degrees higher than the community pool has been (mine is at 87-88, the community pool at 84-85). I have found no chlorine odor or humidity problems from the installation. We run a dehumidifier in the basement room, but it collects only a few cups of water per week so the pool is not releasing a lot of humidity into the house at all." ~ Kathryn W., Ridgefield, CT

"The Endless Pool has been the answer to the mistakes when we had our 1st swimming pool...less water...less chemicals....no need to swim laps..better to swim in place...also it was a match...to our new custom home we recently had build...it is shelter inside of our courtyard and weather ...harsh sun...harsh wind....raining..does not stop us from swimming." ~ Ralph M., Scenic, AZ

"Now that we have started using the pool we are quite confident we made a great decision in purchasing the pool. It uses a lot less resources than a standard pool, the maintenance is easier and since we installed the pool indoors, we'll have use of it all year round. Even my husband who didn't think he would use the pool has been in it nearly everyday." ~ Nancy L, Chelmsford, MA

"We have been enjoying our Endless Pool for several months now and wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the pool, with your company, and with the installer that you recommended. Your company did right by us from point of sale through completion. You were able to answer all of our questions and quickly sent us the additional parts we needed during the installation process. Everyone was always very courteous and professional. Needless to say , we are very impressed with your company and your product." ~ Walter C., Clarksville, GA

"The concept of the Endless Pool is wonderful. The installation was pain free. My husband and I both love the idea we only have to walk to our garage to swim year round." ~ Gay H, Springfield, Missouri


Children (and Grandchildren)

"I had no idea the kids (ages 5 and 7) would love it so. They can't jump in or play wildly, but they love the movement of the current." ~ James G., Medford, OR

"I'm enjoying my pool immensely and so do my young grandchildren. Their beginning swimming skills have improved a great deal because of ready access to this small pool. It does a lot for the self-confidence of a 4-year-old to be able to swim the entire length of the pool!" ~ Julia M., Tulsa, OK

"My husband swims after he exercises in the mornings, I workout afternoons, and we both take a dip before bed. Our grandkids come and play in the pool, and we entertain friends in it." ~ Ellen S., Naperville, IL

"Our seven year old grandson says coming to Grandma and Grandpa's house is "just like going to a hotel". Our four year old grandson loves to walk on the treadmill with me. He said it all when he looked back at me with a big smile on his face and said, "We're getting strong and healthy, right grandma!" " ~ Betty N., Harris, MN

"love it. I swim every day for an hour. Our grandkids (2 and 6) love floating the rapid. We have had endless hours of joy. We built a room for year round swimming so the process took forever but the pool is better than I hoped for." ~ John G., Springfield, OR

"We love our Endless Pool. I'm finally getting some regular exercise and the kids can play for hours."
~ Robert K., Merrick, NY


Added Value to Home

"I am proud to show my Endless Pool to others. I feel it has added value to my home as well as my lifestyle."
~ Cameron M., Massapequa, NY

"We consider our Endless Pool to be an investment in our house and in our family's mental and physical health."
~ David G., Jonesboro, AR

"Having an Endless Pool is better than having a second home." ~ Robert P., Scarsdale, NY

"What might be of interest, however, is that the absence of a chlorine smell in the house was a key factor in my decision to purchase an Endless Pool." ~ Dan C., Princeton, NJ

"Just about everything, the Endless Pool,the room in which it is contained, and how the system operates surpasses all my expectations." ~ Carol W., Greenville, ME

"We love our pool. It is absolutely wonderful, much better than an ordinary full size pool. In retrospect, I would purchase the pool larger than the standard size to enable me to do the sidestroke without hitting my feet on the side benches. As it stands, I just do the breaststroke and the crawl. My elderly mother does water aerobics. All said, we are very happy with our purchase." ~ Steve S., Alma, MI

"I have been receiving Endless Pools info for many years. Now my dream has come true. The pool not only meets my expectations, but exceeds them. We wish you could see in person the absolutely gorgeous setting in which your pool has found a home. I use my pool absolutely every day." ~ Joan H., Center Harbor, NH

"We think the pool is a brilliantly conceived idea and constructed through with first class materials. We have been swimming everyday since completion." ~ Paul C., Battle, UK

"We ended up putting the Endless Pool in our basement after going full circle with hiring an architect and planning to put on an addition. We finally decided to keep it simple and love it where it is."~ Lauren and Glenn R. Westborough, MA


Endless Pools Staff/Customer Support

"As expected, I love my Endless Pool! It is truly a wonderful invention. Also, it was a pleasure to deal with your excellent staff, both before purchasing the pool and during its installation. Your staff, brochures, and videos are all excellent. A refreshing surprise in this age of mediocrity!" ~ Michael K., San Francisco, CA

"Your organization deserves accolades. Our entire experience was trouble free thanks to your continued concern and effort to make things go well. From the shipping date to final installation, you truly know what "customer satisfaction" means." ~ Keith G., Charlottesville, VA

"We have been very pleased with all our dealings with Endless Pools and would not hesitate to give a wholehearted recommendation." ~ Cynthia A., Geneva, IL

"Truly, from your great sales support, to your technical support, your company sets an enviable standard for any other company to achieve. Just finished installation. Thanks for all the support." ~ Holly G., Raleigh, NC

"My pool has been installed since July of 2006 and we love it. Better than I had hoped. I have had 2 components break recently and on both occasions customer service sent out the replacement part right away no questions asked. I am very satisfied with your product and your support." ~ Paul L., Eureka, CA

"I found everyone very helpful, courteous and excited about your product. I'm very impressed with the enthusiasm and friendliness of everyone at Endless Pools. When my salesperson didn't know a specific answer to a tech question I had (and I wanted to know ALL details ALL the time), he passed the question along to the pertinent department and those people responded promptly. I'm looking forward to an ongoing relationship I feel like part of the larger Endless Pools family." ~ Caitlyn K., Monterey, CA

"The high quality of your Endless Pool components and the exceptional service of your personnel from sales to installation was fantastic. I can honestly say the dealings I have had with your company have been the best experience of any purchase in my life. Just keep up your product and service standards and you will be in business forever."
~ Sara B., Murphysboro, IL

"I love my Endless Pool! Your entire staff was exceptional. I have recommended your product to everyone I know. I have researched other similar products on the market and believe yours is the best and I tell that to my friends." ~ Terri P., Sacramento, CA

"I have never encountered a more friendly, courteous and helpful team before- your customer service is second to none- Congratulations!" ~ David P, UK

"You have an outstanding and honorable business. You continue to support and surprise me. Every company should be run like yours." ~ Carroll C., Howell, MI

"I have never been more impressed with a company and its procedures to conduct business!"
~ Joseph A., East Patchogue, NY

"We LOVE our Endless Pool and a big part of our enjoyment comes from the fact that we feel as thought we became part of the Endless Pool "team". We enjoy good health because you've created a wonderful product!"

"Your assistants were great, service second to none. Keep up the great work. Awesome product!"

"The best thing about the entire team is the ability to call a service engineer and speak with a human being -not a computer who can intelligently walk one through any problem I might have." ~ Jennifer H., Great Neck, NY

"You seem to have amazingly good employees who are always extremely responsive, courteous, and very helpful. Your Customer Service and Sales Departments are truly model operations in terms of customer relations. Very impressive." ~ Anson A., Columbus, OH


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