How We Give Back

Endless Pools lends a hand for wellness, diversity, and positive change.

At Endless Pools, we have shaped our entire business around our core values: wellness, diversity, empathy, and the awesome, transformative power of water. To promote these values as a responsible member of our community, we created Endless Access.

In some cases, our Endless Access initiative helps bridge the gap between the medical necessity for hydrotherapy and financial limitations. Elsewhere, we support established non-profit organizations doing vital work to uplift, heal, and pay kindness forward.

We create access around the power of water.

The innovations we create at Endless Pools provide personalized solutions. If an individual has physical or other limitations, we don’t see that as a barrier. We see it as an opportunity to provide access—in a way that puts wellness on each person’s terms. Our team partners with those in need to create customized solutions that can bring about positive life changes for everyone involved.

Send us your story!

Is a pool in your home a need, not just a want? Then please tell us about it. All applications will be considered based on urgency and feasibility.