Endless Pools offers many pool and spa models, each with a range of options, so the price can vary. For a price on the model that's best suited for your needs and lifestyle, Find A Dealer in your local area.  

Our beautifully designed, moulded acrylic Swim Spas and arrive pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and pre-assembled. They're best suited for outdoors or new construction. Modular Pools arrive disassembled, with components that fit easily through standard doorways and stairwells, enabling you install them almost anywhere, indoors or out. To explore the differences in the style possibilities, current options, and more, please visit our Comparison page. 

The compact size of our pools makes them easy to install. Your local Authorised Dealer will help you determine the best installation option for your location. Find a dealer near you. 

Our modular pools can be installed in virtually any ground-floor space in your home. Existing spaces like cellars and garages are particularly suitable as the modular design of many of our pools allows them to fit through standard doorways. In warmer climates the pool is often installed in the garden, or on a patio or deck. Modular pools can be installed fully above ground, partially in-ground or fully in-ground. Our line of Swim Spas arrive fully assembled; these swim spas can be installed outdoors, in garages, and in new construction. 

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly encourage you to take a demonstration swim prior to buying to ensure you feel comfortable swimming or exercising in our pools. Contact your local dealer to schedule a test swim.

The ability to enjoy all the benefits of warm water year-round, at low cost, is one of the real advantages of an Endless Pool. The operating costs are about the same as for a hot tub. Costs can be controlled by utilising the appropriate level of insulation for your geographic location, maintaining an ambient temperature in the pool room, and keeping the pool covered when not in use, etc. 

Unlike a traditional pool, Endless Pools require very little maintenance, on average a few minutes each week to test the water and add some regular household bleach. Also, the Endless Pool cartridge philtre needs to be replaced every three to six months, depending upon pool use. The inexpensive mineral cartridges used to kill bacteria and other contaminants also need to be replaced every three to six months. 

Humidity is always a concern when you bring a body of water indoors. Because Endless Pools are small in size, it is easy to control humidity by keeping the pool covered when not in use. Your local Authorised Dealer can provide more information on the best option to control humidity based on your selected product. 

It really works! You really can swim or exercise in place against a current set at a speed you select, for as long as you like. No more trips to a membership pool. Imagine the convenience of being able to swim in the privacy, comfort and safety of your home anytime day or night. Because the current holds you in place, you never reach the end of your Endless Pool. This unique swim-in-place feature allows the Endless Pool to be much smaller than a conventional pool, while providing all of the benefits of a full-size pool.

We do not recommend using a salt system with our products. While in theory, saltwater pools are a fine idea, there are several obstacles that keep this type of system from being the ideal solution for Endless Pools. Saltwater pool systems still need chlorine to oxidise the pool contaminants, involve greater upfront and maintenance costs, and produce corrosion to pool equipment. 

Our Hydrodrive™ current can go as slow or as fast as you want with the touch of a button. At top speed, the equivalent swim would be 1:14/100 m. We also offer Hydrodrive Plus in our Performance Pool with a top speed of 1:11/100 m. Our Elite Elite Pool with Hydrodrive Pro tops out at 0:56/100 m it is suitable for competitive swimmers and is used by many of the top collegiate programmes and coaches in the world. 

Endless Pools can be filled with a garden hose. The water is changed every one to two years, depending upon use. 

Yes, Endless Pools are ideal for waist deep aquatic exercise. Our optional deeper pools are suitable for non-swimming vertically oriented water workouts. We offer pools ranging in depth from 99cm to 182cm  for deep-water running with a wet vest. 

Personal lap pools are usually one lane wide, about 92cm to 182cm deep and usually require a 15m to 23m length to satisfy most serious swimmers. Endless Pools takes up much less space, is simpler to install (particularly indoors), easier to maintain and more economical to run than a traditional lap pool.