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Fastlane® Pro FAQ

We have spoken with thousands of people over the last twenty years, and in doing so, have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Endless Pool.

How fast is the Fastlane Pro swim current?

The standard Fastlane Pro produces a non-turbulent current that has a top speed of 1:10 for 100 metres.

Is the speed of the Fastlane Pro swim current adjustable?

The Fastlane Pro uses a remote control to adjust the speed to suit any level of swimming or exercise ability.

How is the Fastlane Pro swim current generated?

The Fastlane Pro is a swim current generator for your swimming pool, similar to a treadmill, that allows you to swim for miles without moving an inch. Easily installed in virtually any pool, the Fastlane Pro uses a hydraulically-powered 40.6cm propeller to draw water into the unit. Arrays of turning vanes and conditioning grills smooth the water to produce a swim current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Ideal for swimming, aqua aerobics, and hydrotherapy, the Fastlane Pro makes exercise easy and fitness fun. The Fastlane Pro propulsion unit can move a huge amount of water - up to 19,000 litres a minute - under low pressure from a large opening (53.3cm x 40.6cm) producing a river-like current. The Fastlane Pro is VGB compliant and ETL listed.

What are the power requirements?

The Fastlane Pro Power Unit is the heart of the hydraulically-generated swim current. Located remotely from the pool, the Power Unit requires a 240-Volt, 30-Amp, 50 Hz RCD circuit.

Where can I put the Fastlane Pro power unit?

The Power Unit can be installed either indoors or outside. It should be elevated from the ground and placed on a flat surface. The motor is not designed to be run in a wet environment and suitable protection is required if the Power Unit is installed outdoors. If you choose to locate your Power Unit in an unprotected area, it is recommended the Outdoor Power Unit with Weather Guard be purchased for added protection.

What cold weather maintenance is required?

At the end of the swimming season, it is recommended the Fastlane Swim Unit be removed from the swimming pool and winterised. In addition, the Outdoor Power Unit with Weather Guard should be covered completely and secured tightly. Freezing will not affect the oil that remains in your hydraulic hoses.

Can the Fastlane Pro be used with a salt system?

Yes, if the pool and Fastlane Pro Swim Unit are both properly bonded and you maintain proper water chemistry.

Will the Fastlane Pro fit in my pool?

The Fastlane Pro Swim Unit is designed to fit in virtually any pool. We recommend that the pool have 20 square metres of surface area and have 90cm water depth at the location where you plan to install your Fastlane Pro Swim Unit.

How big is the Fastlane Pro swim unit?

When completely assembled, the Fastlane Pro Swim Unit is 86.4cm tall, 45.7cm deep and 73.7cm wide.

How does the Deck Mount Fastlane Pro attach to my pool?

A Deck Mounting Bracket is anchored to your pool deck with 2-4 fasteners. The Swim Unit attaches to the bracket with a Hanger Bracket. The Swim Unit can be moved up or down on the Hanger Bracket to accommodate for the freeboard height of your pool.

How far from the pool edge does the Deck Mounting Bracket extend?

The Deck Mounting Bracket extends 47cm onto the pool deck. The hydraulic hoses that run from the Swim Unit to the 5 hp power unit can run over the pool deck using the hose clips provided or you can run them under the pool deck using conduit or deck drain.

How does the Wall Mount Fastlane Pro attach to my pool?

A wall mounting bracket is secured in your pool wall during construction or refurbishment. The hydraulic hoses run through the wall mounting bracket and pool wall, under the pool deck, and emerge back near the Power Unit.

Where can I purchase a Fastlane Pro?

The Fastlane Pro is sold through pool dealers across the UK. If you are interested in installing a Fastlane Pro in your existing or new pool, please contact us for the name of a dealer near you.

Can the Fastlane Pro be moved or removed?

The Fastlane Pro can easily be removed from your swimming pool. Additionally, you can have several installation locations for your Deck Mount Fastlane Pro as long as you have additional mounting plates and your hydraulic hoses are an adequate length.

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