Yes, You Can Put Your Pool There Too!

Endless Pools® asks, 'Why should your garden have all the fun?'

The Fits-Almost-Anywhere Pool

Before you choose your pool site, take a Home Tour! Tap on the map to read more about each location, or explore how other Endless Pools customers have reimagined the pool experience below.

Conservatory Pool

To bring her daily swim home, Carol had to choose a pool. Given her climate, "It’s not ideal to have an outdoor pool," she knew. Fortunately, Endless Pools' Custom Series allows for installation indoors. "Well," she thought, "we’ve lived here for 20 years and we never used the conservatory, so it was an ideal space. It also gets the morning sun, which is lovely."

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Garage Pool

At 18, Kat was in a car accident that left her with severe knee damage. Decades later, she was still in pain. "I couldn't do a lot of stuff in the gym, and I was gaining weight." Her solution: repurpose her garage for an Endless Pools Performance model. With daily workouts in her home pool, she saw results! "Can I just tell you how grateful I am? It's just changed my life."

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Basement Pool

How do you get warm-water therapy all year long in a northern climate? Not in a garden pool! That's why Shawn chose the basement. Shawn's Endless Pools planning inspired her to de-clutter her basement of old furniture. She transformed this storage area into this stunning basement pool!

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Garden Pool

How did Bob lose weight? "The only thing I changed: Every night, I go home, and I swim." He and his wife, Julie, assembled an Endless Pools Original model just 18' from their house. "If I'm coming out my back door, and it's cold out, I don’t want to go far," Bob reasoned.

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Deck Pools

When a pool closure interrupted Roger's marathon swim training, "I decided to take control." By that, he meant have an Endless Pools Performance model installed in his yard. "I could swim every day and have a pool for the family." While he had the freedom to train seriously, he says, "The majority of the time, it's a fun place where you hear kids laughing."

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Garden Shed

"I love the way it's turned out," Barbara says of her garden shed. Looking at the photos, who can argue? Yes, she "wanted it to be my little vacation getaway spot" right in her own garden. It serves a greater purpose though: Barbara's bad knees are helped by daily aquatic therapy. She designed the house so her pool could be "indoors, so I could use it all year."

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