Endless™ Pools for Open Water Training

The closest simulation to the true experience of open water conditions.

Open water swimmers agree: There's no better approximation of open water currents than swimming with Endless Pools. 

Swim directly into our exclusive Hydrodrive™ current, not unlike the experience of swimming in a body of open water. You'll waste no energy on flip turns. Instead, you'll build the necessary endurance for open water competition. 

The Endless Pools environment offers full temperature control, letting you train in the conditions of your next open water swim. Train for warm or chilly waters and be fully prepared for the experience. 

Smart Tools for a More Efficient Stroke

Opt for our underwater swim mirrors, and you'll be able to observe and improve your swim technique in real time. It's the smart way to become a more efficient swimmer, going faster with less energy. Choose our exclusive Underwater Treadmill for low-impact cross training. Turn on the current while you're running for a challenging core workout! A must for triathletes, the treadmill turns your pool into a complete home gym.

Triathlon Training

Success Story

Dr. Julie Bradshaw, MBE
World-Record Channel Swimmer

At age 15, she first swam the English Channel to raise funds for an area hospice. Since then, Julie has continued her fundraising open-water swims. To train in her landlocked area, she swims butterfly in the Original pool in her garden.