Choose your pace & swim freely in place

Open your home to open water freedom.

Stress relief. The nostalgia of being a kid in summer. A total-body workout. The power to train for competitive events. With Endless Pools Hydrodrive™ Technology, nearly every level of swimmer can find the perfectly paced pool. The uninterrupted current lets you eliminate flip turns and tap into a more time-efficient workout. 

With so many possibilities in one aquatic atmosphere, you have the freedom to make consistent progress toward a wide variety of goals. You can swim to lose weight, to recover, to invigorate yourself for the day ahead, or to wind down before bed. After all, the possibilities are endless. 

Consider this your most powerful arena for attaining better form.

If you swim competitively, you will find that our pools offer a powerful, convenient tool for improving your style and stroke. Use our optional swim mirrors to monitor your form in real time and make immediate adjustments. Build your endurance with uninterrupted swimming. Find out why triathletes and open water swimmers praise our Hydrodrive™ Technology and rely on its remarkable simulation of open water and competitive conditions. Our pools offer endless possibilities to meet and exceed your aquatic goals.

Open Water Swimming

Success Story

Karlyn Pipes
Kailua Kona, HI

Coach Karlyn Pipes holds multiple Masters records in all 4 strokes. She trains and coaches in her Endless Pools Original model because it allows swimmers to "feel the difference... that was harder, that's easier; that was faster, that's slower."