Pool Covers

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Unparalleled Protection

Without a doubt, the most important feature we build into every pool cover is peace of mind.

Our pool covers are an essential way to keep kids, pets, and debris out, while trapping heat and humidity in. For outdoor installations, a secure pool cover protects against neighbourhood children and critters, while keeping the water free of leaves and other debris.

Beyond security, you'll also have your choice of colours, manual or automatic, above-deck or below-deck for the most polished look. And rest assured: All of our pool covers meet stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards.

Manual Security Cover

Lock-and-key security, humidity control, and ease of use – that’s what you get with our Manual Security Cover. This transformative upgrade is chosen by over 80% of new owners for their Endless Pools® Original Series or WaterWell® pools.

Designed for smooth, hand-crank operation, the Manual Security Cover traps in 95% of humidity, making it a great addition to any indoor pool installation. When properly installed, this pool cover is capable of supporting up to 125 kg.

Automatic Security Cover

Nothing beats the Automatic Security Cover for ease of operation and a clean, polished look.

Just turn a key, and the Automatic Security Cover gives you all the protection of our Manual cover but with effortless operation. This pool cover gives you the option of below-deck installation for the most stunning finish. It delivers a secure barrier against unwanted access from kids, critters, and for backyard pools, leaves and debris.

Like our Manual pool cover, the Automatic Security Cover meets ASTM F1346 safety standards. Just close the pool cover and take the key – you can then rest easily in the knowledge that your pool has been secured.

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