Endless™ Pools

Revolutionary technology for better living

For over 35 years, our modular pools have blended flexibility, practicality, and innovation to provide fun, fitness, and relaxation in a compact space.

Engineered with smart-sized components that can be easily maneuvered, these unique pools install just about anywhere, indoors or out.

Our fully adjustable Hydrodrive™ current, installed in our modular pools, enable the best swim from beginner to elite athlete. 

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WaterWell® Plunge Pool 

A modular pool for entertaining, relaxation or aquatic therapy, without a swim current.

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Original Pool with Hydrodrive™ 

From family fun to fitness, you can enjoy a year-round pool season. 

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Performance Pool with Hydrodrive™ Plus

A smoother, larger current for fitness, fun & all levels of swimmers. 

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Elite Pool with Hydrodrive™ Pro 

Used by competitive & Olympic swimmers for its amazing speed, power & comfort. 

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Dual Propulsion Pool with Hydrodrive™ 

Features twin Hydrodrive currents, for busy families and active couples.

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The Streamline® Pool

A complete pool package with a smooth, airless jetted current at an affordable price.

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The Swim Spa Option

Endless Pools Swim Spas

Where modular pools offer custom versatility, swim spas arrive conveniently assembled, with spa features and current options in every model. 

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