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Endless Pools vs. Bespoke Swimming Pools

With the high cost of energy bespoke swimming pools no longer make economic or environmental sense. Even smaller traditional pools require over 40,000 litres of water. That adds up to £1,000's in chemical, heating and maintenance costs over the life of your pool.

A standard size Endless Pool requires only 9,500 litres of water and our state-of-the-art water filtration systems uses a super-efficient 120 watt pump to circulate the water. All our pools come with a solar blanket and you can add up to 15cm of insulation to the walls to save energy and reduce your heating costs. Our copper/silver purifier reduces the need for chlorine - in fact our recommended level is lower than that of drinking water - so your home doesn't smell like a local leisure centre.

For year round swimming, water exercise, therapy and family fun - an Endless Pool is the intelligent solution for today's world.


Endless Pool

The Endless Pool swimming pool is an affordable way to swim at home year-round.

Enjoy a daily swim in the privacy and comfort of your own home any time of the day or night.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Bespoke swimming pools often cost thousands of pounds more than a standard Endless Pool.

Indoor swimming pools can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and require large enclosures to ensure year-round use.


Endless Pool

When installed in an existing space the Endless Pool can be fitted in a few days by one of our nationwide pool dealers.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Bespoke Swimming Pools often require large amounts of space and expensive excavation.

If the swimming pool is in-ground, heavy equipment needs to be brought in and the installation and construction may take months.


Endless Pool

Endless Pools require a space as small as 3.05m x 4.57m. With Endless Pools Swimming Pools, you can install it practically anywhere indoors or out.

Incorporating an Endless Pool doesn't have to decimate your garden and allows much more room for patios or decks around the pool.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Adding a swimming pool often takes up the entire garden and leaves little room for other recreational areas.

An indoor bespoke swimming pool requires a large, custom built pool room.


Endless Pool

With the rising cost of energy, an Endless Pool is the environmentally friendly option.

Requires less space, water, chemicals and energy.

A super-efficient 120 watt pump, digital heat controller and ultra-violet water purifier keep the water sparkling clean.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Bespoke Swimming Pools are expensive to operate due to the large amount of water involved.

For outdoor pools extending the swimming season beyond a few months requires a large heater, which is very costly to operate.


Endless Pool

With an Endless Pool -- you can swim all year long.

With the included water heater you can heat the pool water to your desired temperature.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

In areas with colder climates outdoor swimming pools can only be used for a few months out of the year.

Furthermore most require winterising, which is time consuming and costly.


Endless Pool

With an Endless Pool all you need is a half a cup of chlorine a few times a week to keep the water crystal clear.

Our Nature2 copper/silver purification system reduces the need for a lot of chlorine, reducing the smell and burning sensation typical in large pools.

Available Ultra-Violet Water Purifier adds an additional level of automatic sanitisation.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Bespoke Swimming Pools often require high amounts of harsh and expensive chemicals. These chemicals can become costly over the life of the pool and cause lots of frustration as you must constantly monitor the balance of your pool water.


Endless Pool

With an Endless Pool you can swim as far and as long as you want -- no flip-turns!

The speed of the current can be adjusted to suit any swimmer from an Olympian to a beginner.

The hydraulically driven, propeller system creates a smooth, even current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.

Our pools are used by top Universities, Swim Coaches, Olympians and Triathletes to refine stroke mechanics and technique.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

Unless you have an Olympic size swimming pool in your garden, it is extremely difficult to actually swim in your pool.

Most modern pools are irregular in shape and only allow 4-5 strokes before needing to turn making it virtually impossible to get a satisfying swimming workout.

The choice is clear. Now, which Endless Pool is right for you? The Original Endless Pool is a steel panel pool which provides maximum design flexibility and can be installed in new or existing spaces. The Endless Pool Swim Spa a one-piece acrylic pool that combines the industry's leading current with spa seating.

Still considering another type of pool? Find out how Endless Pools stack up against Jetted Swim Spas and Lap Pools.

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