Endless Pools® Rowing Kit

Put Your Back into It!

Keep your workouts fresh with versatile aquatic rowing.

A trimmer waist, a healthier heart, a stronger back – rowing workouts are popular for a reason. Simply put, they get results! Our Rowing Kit lets you enjoy rowing from inside your pool or spa. By immersing yourself in water, you get a cooler feeling and added resistance.

Our Rowing Bars feature adjustable tension to suit almost any fitness levels … and you can turn on the Endless Pools current for even greater resistance! They're easy to attach and detach for on-demand convenience.

Rowing is a dynamic 'functional fitness' exercise that helps develop the strength, flexibility, and endurance for a more active and independent life. Our Rowing Bars are easy to attach and detach for on-demand workouts. You'll get the immediate results of a happier, more energised mood and an unshakeable feeling of accomplishment.

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