Hydrostride™ Underwater Treadmill

Experience the most refreshing treadmill inside your new swimming pool.

Rethink What Your Pool Can Do

Tap into that cool, buoyant pool feeling you love in a completely new way. When you combine that pool pleasure with walking or running, you will enjoy the benefits every happy step of the way. The Hydrostride underwater treadmill from Endless™ Pools makes each and every step both gentler and more effective. 

Both water walking and water running let you achieve all the benefits of dry-land activity, but in water these exercises offer added benefits. Less stress on your joints. A full 360-degree span of resistance on your muscles. Less day-after muscle soreness. And if you want an even more challenging workout, combine it with the core resistance of our Fastlane® Pro current with Hydrodrive™ Technology. 

Experience how reinvigorating it can be to enjoy the refreshing power of water along with the satisfaction of taking care of yourself. The Hydrostride makes it all possible. 

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Features of The Hydrostride™

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Product Uses

Weight Loss
Water Running
Marathon Training
Water Walking
Water Jogging

Product Locations

New Inground Pool
New Traditional Pool
New Aboveground Pool


Pace Range
0.8 - 8km/h
Power Unit
5-hp Hydraulically Driven
Belt Width
Component Materials
Stainless Steel
Case Finish
Sapphire Blue

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