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It's for those seeking better wellness – fitness, work-life-balance, enriched personal connections. It's a path to find some joy in your physical, mental, and emotional states. That's what we had in mind when we designed the E2000 swim spa.

We combined our exclusive resistance current with luxurious jetted massage seats and wrapped it in one beautiful, low-maintenance package. Swim, run, or exercise in temperate 30 degrees Celsius water in the front, then unwind at 40 degrees Celsius inside the spa area at the back. The E2000 gives you complete control, without sacrifice.

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Overall Dimensions
610cm L x 147cm H x 226cm W

Swim Area Dimensions
457cm L x 147cm H x 226cm W

Spa Area Dimensions
152cm L x 147cm H x 226cm W

Weight Empty
1,855 kg (1,912 kg w/ Treadmill)

9,065 Litres w/o Treadmill (7,740 L x 1,325 L) or 8,900 Litres w/ Treadmill (7,575 L x 1,325 L)

Current Type
Endless Pools® Original Current

Acrylic Shell Colour
Alpine White or Ice Gray

Cabinet Colour
Mocha or Gray

14 Gauge Galvanized Steel

Grab Rails
3, stainless steel

Lighting System
26 Multi-Colour LED Points of Light and Exterior LED Light Bar

Water Feature
3 Illuminated Waterfalls

Hydromassage Seats
Bench Seat (Swim side); 4 + Cool-down Seat (Spa Side)

Hydromassage Jets
36 (2 large, 2 rotary, 6 directional, 26 mini)

Electrical Requirements
220-240v/48amp (24A/25A); 50 Hz

3,000 W

Water Purification
UVC + CD Ozone (Swim Side), CD Ozone (Spa Side)

Shell Colors

Ice Gray

Alpine White

Cabinet Colors



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